Health and Injury Prevention for Dancers


4dancers.org has been running a series of exceptionally informative articles about dance wellness, including a series of four articles by 4dancers Dance Wellness Editor (how can you not love a site that has a Dance Wellness Editor) Jan Dunn. Dunn's series began with a two-part article called "Dance Wellness: Causes of Injuries (Risk Factors), in which she provides an impressively helpful examination of many, many ways in which dancers can reduce their risk of injury. Part 3 of the series covers what to do if you do get injured, again, with a thorough and very practical look at how to make sure any injury gets better, not worse. The most recent installment is about dance conditioning, and like the others, includes valuable advice from one of the field's most respected professionals.

Complementing Dunn's series was a really insightful article by Emily Kate Long called "Dancers: Exploring Identity, Passion & Injury", in which Long examines many of the personal issues that dancers must deal with when injuries interupt their training and careers.

Here's where you can read the full articles:
Articles by Jan Dunn:
Dance Wellness: Causes of Injuries (Risk Factors) Part I
Dance Wellness: Causes of Injuries (Risk Factors) Part II
Keeping Dancers Dancing: "Help I Have an Injury - What Do I Do?"
Keeping Dancers Dancing - Conditioning
and by Emily Kate Long:
Dancers: Exploring Identity, Passion & Injury"

Music and Dance at 4dancers

Music and Dance

4dancers.org is a great, broad-based dance site that brings together a number of different perspectives on the world of Dance. Johnny Nevin has joined the site as a monthly columnist, writing about Music and Dance. His third article just posted there, about Finding Music, and you can check out these links for his first two articles: Choosing Music For Choreography, and Music and Dance: An Introduction. There are a number of regular features at 4dancers well worth keeping an eye on; one of them is the series "10 Questions With ...", where Editor Catherine L. Tully engages different people from the world of Dance; her interview with Johnny Nevin is at 10 Questions with John Nevin.

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