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Electronication: Kay Wilder's Innovative New Mix Show


Kay Wilder is a DJ and Producer from the Netherlands with an unusually expansive take on music, and he's just launched a new weekly mix show called Electronication that puts his wide-ranging view of the EDM scene into a really innovative, hour long mix. Electronication launched on New Years Day, and its first two episodes, besides being great musical rides, launched an exciting new appearance in the world of weekly mix shows.

Wilder has deep roots in Trance; DJ's and Producers from the Netherlands have been hugely instrumental in shaping the international Trance scene since it started, and his original releases find their way into the sets of many of Trance's most influential artists. Yet although Electronication, like all of Wilders releases at sites like Beatport and Juno, would most often be called "Trance", the secret of Electronication's fresh and driving appeal is Wilder's trademark ability to put songs together like a magician who can make boundaries disappear. Electronication is a synthesis, almost a reinvention, of the dream-like and vocal sides of Trance that Wilder makes happen by relighting the Trance tracks in his mix with releases that bang out the rowdier side of the EDM scene. "My Kay Wilder releases have tended to be more on the trance side since that sound is such a big part of my musical roots," he explains, "but I do feel it's important to bring a diverse sound to my sets, just to create that high-energy experience for people. That's why I really love the crossover of the dreamy and raw sounds."

"Forgotten Summer" from Kay Wilder & Ernesto vs Bastian

"Forgotten Summer" from Kay Wilder & Ernesto vs Bastian

Kay Wilder and Ernesto vs Bastian's new single "Forgotten Summer" is out at Beatport, and it's a great way to start getting ready for a really good summer. We got the original mix when it came out yesterday, and went back today to get the Julian Wess and Mike Carey Remix. The Wess and Carey Remix is dreamier, with a lot of cool instrumentation woven into the still-driving track. We've been listening to the original at Soundcloud for a couple of weeks, and it's a really strong, straight-up Trance track, bangin' and well arranged.

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