'ohana Dreamdance

Mollie Mock's New Choreography Work with 'ohana Dreamdance

'ohana Dreamdance producer and composer Johnny Nevin is writing an original score for a new work by choreographers Mollie Mock and Jeremy Blair. "Reflect" will be premiered at the July 2009 New Dances performances of Thodos Dance Chicago at the Ruth Page Theater in Chicago (and more on that as it gets closer). Mollie envisions the project as an ensemble piece that explores a world of mystery and hidden passion, and the 'ohana track for the score is entitled "Hidden". The track is largely orchestral, but includes a large and complex percussion section. "Hidden" begins with an opening scene of rich musical darkness, and then goes on to discover a series of colors and emotions, developing through changing sections of driving rhythmic passages and melodic dreamscapes.

Giordano Jazz Dance Premieres Give and Take

Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago

A really breathtaking Giordano show at the Harris last night, with a great company at their very best. Brock Clawson's new work Give and Take opened the second act, and seeing the company work seamlessly through Brock's perfect balance of modern and jazz styles was pretty amazing. Coming from such a different world (music and record producing) it's been a long process for me to get a sense of the difference between these two styles, but I can't think of a better way to see the different expressions that those two words "jazz" and "modern" imply than to see Give and Take.

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