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WildOnes feat. David Julien - Nobody But You

Here's a quick listen to the new Enhanced release from WildOnes featuring the really convincing vocals of David Julien.

Sean Duck - Houses Spouses

Sean Duck is a producer / rapper from Chicago with his very, very own perspective on what both of those titles mean. Check out this track "Houses Spouses" from his upcoming Wits End release --

Breathe Carolina & Shanahan feat. Haliene - Stars & Moon (Acoustic Mix)

A super nice song -- don't know who wrote it -- but it's from Breathe Carolina and Shanahan featuring Haliene. Out now on Enhanced Music.

Alex Klingle - Epilogue (Original Mix)

We got Sean Duck on the decks for the aotpr On the Side today, and he got right on this Alex Klingle track. It's called "Epilogue" and it's out now on Enhanced Music.

Estiva & Skouners feat. Delaney Jane - Playing With Fire (Cuebrick Remix)

What an enchanting vocal from Delaney Jane on this Estiva and Skouners track from Enhanced Music -- here's the Cuebrik remix.

Ashley Wallbridge & Gareth Emery - Mansion

Still right on time, here's the original mix of "Mansion" from Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge.

The Phone Calls - Kill the Bard

On the Rock side, the Phone Calls have a new release called Songs of The Sea, and here's one of the six tracks. They're at Cole's Saturday November 14.

Standerwick - Dreamstate

Just found some great 140bpm trance --- brand new --- from Standerwick. This is called Dreamstate, it's out on FSOE.

Signal-to-Noise - Biologic

On the #Rock side, here's a track called "Biologic" from Signal-to-Noise. Off their album I Won't Let the World Become a Prison, it's got a really cool leadup into the choruses, and is full of the imaginative arrangement ideas that are one of their trademarks.

Ali Wilson & Chris North - Unification

Love finding this rowdy 134bpm progressive jam from Vandit. This is "Unification", from Ali Wilson and Chris North.

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