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Habishman - The Moment (Original Mix)

#Techno -- This is "The Moment" from Habischman out on Steyoyoke. On the Steyoyoke Soundcloud they tagged this "Ethereal Techno", it's got the cool soundscape of techno, plus a really musical, keeps-you-in-for-the-ride 122BPM arrangement that's full of thought.


Here's a beautiful, chill, bittersweet, thoughtful, dreamlike groove from Peridot that Chicago Producer Darryl Joseph produced with her. "Peridot is an amazing singer/songwriter/producer from Mississippi," Joseph told us, "and I look forward to creating some more magic with her in the near future." We're looking forward to that to.

Rui da Silva - At Night (Rui da Silva Remix)

Here's a heart-full-of-soul slow groove filled with all kinds of colors and great sounds from Rui da Silva

Noah Neiman feat Matthew Steeper - Gasoline

On the high energy vibe, this is "Gasoline" from Noah Neiman with a bomb proof vocal from Matthew Steeper, out September 28 on Enhanced.

Kris Davis & Yost - Relentless (Martin Vidal Remix)

This track has so much atmosphere it could be its own movie. Or you could just dance to it, because the groove is so good. This is "Relentless" from Kris Davis and Yost in a great remix from Martin Vidal.

Alphabeat - DJ (Aytac Kart Remix)

What an unusual track, or maybe imaginative is a better word. It's a House track and a good one, but Aytac Kart has a lot going on in it that's really unique. Fits together great, but it's just really colorful.

Autograf - Dream (Pat Lok Remix)

This is so much fun to listen to you might not notice right away how brilliant it is. Such a cool remix from Pat Lok. This is from Chicago's Autograf.

Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Make You Feel (Le Youth Extended Mix)

Love the jump in this Le Youth mix of Make You Feel from Alina Baraz and Galimatias. Wes James puts it together like a master.

Dezza - Meekix (LTN Remix)

Found this on the Enhanced Sessions 313 mix from Estiva. It's a beautiful, easy piano groove from Silk Music, a track called Meekix from Dezza.

Flush - Come Back Baby

Love everything about this house track from Flush on Strictly Rhythm except that it ends. That's alright, just play it again.

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