AOTPR.COM is an independent Music and Dance site. At aotpr.com, you can find an unusually wide range of music and dance stories about artists that you may like, because true to our full name (All Over The Place Records), we find them a lot of different places.

When All Over the Place Records started out in 2007, aotpr.com was a place to feature news and stories about the artists whose music we release, but very quickly, the site developed a much broader outlook. All of us here work with, are friends with, admire, and enjoy learning about so many other artists that we began to write stories about what they were doing, about what they had to share with an audience that might not have discovered them yet.

Feature stories at aotpr.com include stories about musicians, songwriters, dj's, bands and producers on the Music side, and about choreographers, dancers and dance companies on the Concert Dance side. In addition to our feature stories, many of them including multimedia content from Vimeo.com/aotpr and dance and music photography, we also include a daily feature in our On the Side section to help you find some of the best music out there.

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