The Choreography of New Dances: Brian Hare and Temporary Proof

Brian Hare (Photo by Cheryl Mann, courtesy of Thodos Dance Chicago)

In "Temporary Proof", Brian Hare sets himself a challenging task: to portray the process of personal development, to shine some sort of light on the many different ways that someone becomes who they are. In casting his study for six dancers, he makes it possible to explore a multifaceted look at a single individual, an individual trying, as Hare expresses it, to "become a more accurate version" of who they are. Although the subject of many works in many forms of art, this is an examination well-suited to Choreography, where Hare uses the emotion that can be so evident in movement to evoke an immediate identification with struggles everyone is familiar with. "One of the most powerful elements in dance is what the human body is capable of," Hare observes, "It's not so much that I'm concerned with presenting the dancers as performers for an audience; it's more as if they are extremely athletic, moving ideas that, through their physicality, express the idea that we are all ever-changing and evolving versions of ourselves."

"Temporary Proof" moves rapidly, reflecting the way people can change, through a kind of personality-timeline set to a carefully-constructed soundscape. Hare advances from solo to trio to a series of duets as he imagines the interactions between different awarenesses within the same person, using always-changing combinations of dancers to present the evolution of ideas that is the basis of personal development. The interactions Hare portrays involve inner conflicts, inner discoveries of wonderment but also of fear, of yearning as well as insecurity, with the dancers portraying emotions as much as personalities.

"Temporary Proof" offers a view of process, more than of judgement. Hare brings all of this together in an unusual and convincing finale that, given the subject, is in effect a solo performed by the full ensemble. "All of these personalities have an effect on one another, and whether positive or negative, they are all interdependant. While no one personality is perfect, they all exist together to create a single person, you."

Thodos Dance Chicago’s NEW DANCES 2010 will be presented July 16 and 17 at 8PM and on Sunday July 18 at 5PM at The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago, 1306 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago 60605. (312) 369-8330


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