Extensions Dance 2010 Showcase

Extensions Dance presents its 2010 Showcase this May 29 at 6:30 PM at the Ruth Page Center for the Arts. It marks the completion of an exceptionally successful year for the Company, including most recently an astonishing set of awards at the American Dance Association Chicago Regional.

Extensions won all five Dancer of the Year Awards, as well as another ten of the competitions. “Time Now”, Choreographer and Artistic Director Lizzie MacKenzie’s collaboration with ‘ohana Dreamdance, was awarded first place in three different categories. Check out all of the results at the ADA web site. If you do go check out the results page, use the “find” function in your browser and type in “extensions” to see all of the awards --- it’s amazing.

For more information on the Extensions 2010 Showcase, and for links to the Extensions Dance Company YouTube channel or their Facebook Group visit Extensions Dance Company.

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