JMT/JLS at the Ruth Page Center for the Arts

JMT/JLS, the evening of choreography by Jessica Miller Tomlinson and Jacqueline Stewart, is one of those shows that’s really too good to miss. It runs one more night (Saturday, June 5 at 8PM) at the Ruth Page Center for the Arts, and if there’s any way you can get to it, do. There aren’t too many other places where you could see such a wide-ranging selection of really imaginative work. It includes compelling ensemble pieces like Jaqueline Stewart’s “Re-directing Fear” and Jessica Miller Tomlinson’s “Let Me In”, a pair of mesmerizing duets (Tomlinson’s “Crimes D’Amour in the first act, Stewart’s “It’s Not Enough To Close Your Eyes" in the second), and five other intricately imagined and superbly executed works: “Aurora”, a solo danced by Cara Sabin, Stewart’s “Nice Women Don’t Crave Disaster”, Tomlinson’s “Forget What You Came For?”, Stewart’s “E-ffect”, and Tomlinson’s “Die Lieder Tanzen”.

A production like this is a fascinating enterprise. The lighting designs by Nathan Tomlinson and David Schwartz, the costumes, by Ashley Smith, Stewart and Tomlinson, and by Tomlinson and Betsy Blackmore in “Die Lieder Tanzen”, and the dance performances themselves (can you really list an entire cast of dancers in a parentheses, right in the middle of a sentence, and then just close the parentheses and finish the sentence? Yes, and here they are: Jeremy Blair, Cara Sabin, Charlie Cutler, Danielle Gilmore, Natalie Williams, Natalie Tursi, Jackie Stewart, Jessica Miller Tomlinson, Josh Manculich, Danielle Scanlon, Kelly McDonald, Grace Whitworth, Wade Schaaf, Justin David Sears, Mollie Mock, Brian Hare, Carrie Nicastro, and Kara McDonald) represent an elaborately successful dedication to independence in art. To be able to see it all come together is a rare chance. Last chance, Saturday, June 5 at 8PM.

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