Kaki King: The Neck is a Bridge to the Body

When you can do something as well as Kaki King can play a guitar, it can take you almost anywhere. King has been playing guitar, and has been widely admired for the way she does, for quite a while, and since her first release in 2002, Everybody Loves You, she's never really stopped discovering new ways to discover the instrument she calls "a shapeshifter". With her latest album, The Neck is a Bridge to the Body, she's dreamed up a completely new set of ways to do what she always does, to find great music in a guitar and then play it like nobody else can.

The Neck is a Bridge to the Body would be an adventure even if it were only a musical adventure, but besides being an album, a complex and masterful demonstration of how to make music with a guitar, it's also a multimedia collaboration. With a mesmerizing Production Design by Glowing Pictures, The Neck is a Bridge to the Body walks calmly through eleven tracks of showcase quality composition and performance, with a carefully imagined additional dimension of light, projection and picture.

Much more than a light show, Kaki King's live multimedia performance of The Neck is a Bridge to the Body is a music-expanding exploration of what kakiking.com calls "the incalculable possibility" of the guitar. Effective and enchanting though it is, even more remarkable is that the music from the album that it's based on is all of that as well.

There are more photos from Kaki King's The Neck Is a Bridge to the Body at johnnynevin.com

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