Matt Darey

Matt Darey (Photo by Mike McNulty)

There are a lot of different worlds in the galaxy of Electronic / Dance Music, and more appearing all the time as DJ/producers find new sounds and new ways to put them together. It's a universe of many voices, but among all of the creative and energetic artists that keep the beat-driven grooves changing all of the time, UK Producer / DJ / Artist Matt Darey has always managed to be one of the most forward-looking, one of the most resilient, and one of the most dependable when it comes to just bringing it.

He's been doing it for awhile and his audience keeps growing, partly because he brings such an eclectic and open-minded approach to his productions, his world-wide DJ tours, and his podcast radio show Nocturnal. Along with Above & Beyond's (here's a story we just did about them) Trance Around The World, which featured a guest mix by Darey in a recent episode, Nocturnal is one of the best ways there is to hear new music, especially in the always-changing landscape that runs from progressive to trance. Darey's DJ sets are in demand around the world (he was in Moscow a couple of weeks ago, he's in Honolulu a few weeks from now) and his productions and remixes are always worth checking out. Speaking of which ...

He's just released a new track with Stan Kolev called "Follow You" featuring a great vocal by Aelyn, not to mention briliant vocal production by Darey and Kolev. It's at Juno and Beatport, and we'll try to feature it in our On The Side section soon, but we still like this track from a couple of months ago called "Hold Your Breath". So definitely check out "Follow You", but don't miss this; it features an inspired vocal performance by Leah, and this is Darey's Soundcloud excerpt --- the full release is also at Beatport and Juno.

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