Mos Scocious

Mos Scocious has been playing the energetic, imaginative music that they call "freak funk" for the past six years, and they get plenty of attention. Blues legend Corky Siegel once said, "The world needs your music", which is pretty amazing considering the way they mix "funk, soul, rock, hip-hop, blues, etc.", and they were voted Best Local Band by the Chicago Reader in 2010. They just got back from playing Summer Camp 2012, and when they play Martyrs' in Chicago on Friday, June 22, they're sure to mix it up like they always do, blending really careful musicianship with the carefree creativity of three people who love what they do.

A Mos Scocious show can go a lot of unexpected places; just playing tracks from their last album, Ya Ya Ya they could cover a lot of ground, but besides that they're always likely to find ways to bring their innovative imaginations to something you thought you knew. Like taking "Day Tripper" into "Summertime Blues", or like when they played with George Clinton at the Congress Theater, and in response to an on-stage request from the Clinton band, they added a Barry White song to their set.

Mos Scocious has a big sound for a trio, but as guitar player / bass player / vocalist Bradley Butterworth points out, "All three of us sing, so really we have six instruments." The rest of the band is Josh Rosen, who trades guitar and bass with Butterworth, and drummer Robert Dicke, who also shares vocals with Rosen and Butterworth. Besides what Butterworth describes as the "freak funk music mayhem" that a Mos Scocious show always features, the show at Martyrs' is likely to be the first chance to hear a couple of tracks from their next album, maybe "The Blues in B" or "Bad Socks". Sounds like a good chance to hear what's next from Mos Scocious.

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