"A Normal Life" From PowerPlay FYI Everywhere Now

"A Normal Life" --- Powerplay FYI's New Album

Powerplay FYI's new album "A Normal Life" is out now, it's a full length trip through the musical imaginations of some really accomplished performers and writers. "A Normal Life" is a richly textured concept album; it's a new collection of ten tracks that showcase what great writing sounds like with the energy of a percussion-rich Latin big band, with the flawlessly soulful vocals of two great singers, and with the driving funk of a full horn section and first-call rhythm players.

PowerPlay FYI is a band that's accustomed to rocking the whole house, a group of seasoned performers that are always at home on stage mesmerizing an audience, and in "A Normal Life", they bring all of that passion and go on to explore an exciting range of compelling new music.

There's a rare chance to hear Powerplay FYI at Cafe Laguardia tonight, June 20 from 8 to 11PM. The band will perform as the rhythm section and vocalists, for a leaner, edgier take on their songs. The full album is at iTunes, Amazon, and last.fm to name a few. Here's the song "The Eyes Have It" from the Powerplay's Bandcamp:

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