Tritonal's "Piercing the Quiet"


It wasn't hard at all deciding to do a story about Tritonal --- their single "Everafter" featuring Cristina Soto is at the top of the Beatport trance chart (just like several of their releases last year), they're one of the most active and successful new DJ/producer teams on the scene, and they're playing at Enclave in Chicago this Saturday, June 2. What made it hard was that I've been meaning to get their album "Piercing the Quiet" for a while, so I went to eMusic and bought it as I started to write the article. The trouble with that idea was that the album turns out to be just outstanding, and now I don't have the vaguest idea how to focus this story. Not only that, they've just released an album with extended mixes of the tracks, and it's probably even better, but I'm still loving this one so I'll get to that in a few days.

Tritonal took an exceptional approach to putting their artist album together; although there are strong, beat-driven tracks all over it, two of their most successful club singles show up with a dreamlike, almost acoustic feel. If you watched "Everafter" bang its way up the Beatport chart or heard it in one of the many, many sets where other DJs played it, you could never imagine the airy, acoustic beauty of the mix they put on the album. "Still With Me" is even more amazing, an imaginative, open, vocal-rich dreamer, with Cristina Soto once again really bringin' it. There are five other singers spread out among the fifteen tracks, and every one of them is great -- Jeza, Meredith Cali, Bethany, Jenry R, and Fisher besides Soto.

Here's the album at Amazon and iTunes. Or jump right into the album of extended mixes --- you can find it at junodownload and at iTunes. Look at that, I didn't even get around to talking about the club mix of "Everafter", their show at Enclave, the amazing Cristina Soto, who Tritonal is (I could do that at least, they're Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed) or anything else. Next time. There's bound to be a lot more from Tritonal.

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